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Exactly what are the forms i need to immigrate my husband?? My son was diagnose w a disorder can the immigration process be less

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im 19 years old my husband has never been to the us i met him in mexico everything was done in mexico we have a son of 2 years who has cerebral palsey i would like to know what are the papers the forms i need so I can immigrate my husband i heard that my process is easy since his never been to the us and dont need a lawyer it would be of great help if you all can explain to me what forms i need i researched and found out i need form I-130 but i also heard about cr-1 form thats when i got confuse. I would also like to know if my sons disorder can help my husband come to the us quicker and make the immigration process faster its really hard doing everything withought him and i need him by myside now that i found out my son is like this.

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There are too many forms, with too many variables ... to give you an 'exact' list.

You start with an I-130 & 2 G-325 forms ... plus documents.

Read the instructions closely, or hire an attorney ... which would be a very wise thing to do.

I am sorry about your son ... but it will make no difference in speeding up the process.

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If you try this process without a lawyer, I recommend this book. It is written for normal people and not lawyers and is very reasonably priced.


I agree with my colleagues. There are too many forms that need to be filed at various stages of the process to list here. But as stated earlier, file the I130 and a G325A for each of you. Good luck to you.

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A lawyer will help speed this up. Doing this on your own can slow it down if you do not know each working part between USCIS, The NVC and consulate. There are many nonprofits that help for free or low cost. Find a nonprofit attorney.

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