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Ex wife is not communicating about our son .. She seems to be in breach of her co-parenting.

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My ex wife has not communicated what so ever as it relates to my 14 yr old son. And I am concerned..I moved to Florida last year to be closer to my gravely ill mother. I have had up until recently, called my son on a fairly regular basis. Now he is acting completely different towards me, and wont get on the phone to talk. He is left home alone with his grandmother, who is dying,while my ex wife is at work. when my ex does come home Im told she enters on the lower level of the house and heads to her room. I have tried a variety of ways to reach calls. Emails. Contacting her relatives. all with no response. My son starts High school in the fall and I know zero of whats going on as it relates to him. I have been divorced since 2007 . what can be done?

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It sounds like there are things going on that you know nothing about.

You should retain an attorney in order to get some orders in place. My primary suggestion is for you to get a therapist involved. That will get a neutral expert in place to let you know of what is going on.
You also need regular contact with the child. If that is per a Court order, then a contempt motion would be appropriate otherwise a motion to modify. You should also be recieving the child for visitation, at minimum, for the summer. These are the kinds of things counsel can help you with.

Best of luck.


I agree that you should consult with an attorney. Do you have a custody agreement currently? If not, you should seek one immediately. You are entitled to know about your child. Many attorneys offer a free consultation.

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