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Ex-wife (in Nebraska) won't allow children to visit non-custodial dad (in Texas) & violated custody agreement

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The ex-wife constantly turns her phone off or changes numbers, making it difficult for my fiance to talk to his kids. She lived in Kansas, and moved to Nebraska...telling him via certified mail after the move of the new address and phone number. According to the court papers, she was required to notify him before. He asked for the kids to visit for a week last year, and she said no because she 'doesn't trust him' or any of the alternatives he gave (for the kids to stay with his mother or his brother). It has now been 3 years since he has seen his kids. The papers say a mediator is req. before he can take her back to court to change the custody order, but where would this happen and how much does this cost? He is up to date on all child support. What are his options?

Child custody/support orders were executed in Kansas.

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A lot depends on where the original orders were done. It sounds like maybe Kansas? If so, a modification would have to be done in Kansas, or in Nebraska once the kids have been there 6 months. Depending on what the original custody orders say, you may be able to enforce his visitation rights, but he would have to talk with an attorney in Nebraska for that.

good luck.

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