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Ex wants to retire early this june at the age of 55. does not want to continue paying child support.

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Ex wants to retire early from their job. does not want to pay anymore child support ($275/ mo) for one child. Due to their income going from $75,000/yr to $45,000/yr. My income may go up later part of the year if contracts are signed. only going up $3000/yr.

Also there are no illness from them that are causing the early retirement

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You should ask a question instead of making a statement, but i presume that you would ask that can you keep his child support where it at based on underemployment? Answer is maybe, best to hire an attorney


If a party is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed you can ask the court to impute income to him at the level he was previously. If you're not comfortable with doing this yourself, a local attorney can help you.

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Is it possible that they can do this? Im worried I may end up having to pay them because my income may be going up. Are there other cases like this?