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Ex quit his job & moved in with girlfriend over 250 miles away and still has no job. His last CS payment will be at the end of

Saint Peters, MO |

of this month and he was also resonsible for health insurance that will lapse at the end of the month also. He voluntarily left our hometown and did not attempt to find a job here. He says he is looking for employment, but who knows. With my income, there is no way I can afford to add them to my insurance, but make too much for assistance. He has an actual profession that he claims will be hard to get into. He said he talked to his original divorce attorney about modification, but nothing has been done bc he cannot afford to pay them yet. I cannot afford to go to an attorney, because I'm still paying off my divorce! We had 50/50 while he was here, but he never saw them that much and is asking for a lot more visitation now.There is little to no contact between
him and the kids. help?

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You may want to consider approaching the prosecuting attorney in your county if he fails to make support payments. After a the payments become sufficiently behind, the prosecuting attorney can charge him with a crime. This might help motivate him to pay.

Good Luck