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Ex lied about his income, my income & several items in his response forms Fl-120, fl-150,fl-300. Can this discredit him in court

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I can prove every item with documents, statements, emails, txt messages, etc. He even lied about getting the attorney fees from his dad. I'm assuming the judge doesn't want to hear a lot of nonsense about emotional things and lies and bickering but Im hoping that by lying about things that I can produce documents to contradict his written statements that he will be shown to be less credible.

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Yes, and you are correct about eschewing emotional argument. Consult with an attorney if you are presently going it alone.


What is your purpose in trying to contradict him? If the issue is support, then it will be important but if support issues are not at issue, then are you just trying to get back at him for the marriage ending? Decide what battles are needed and what battles need to be bypassed. Get legal assistance to help you determine what really needs to be fought.


It is generally a good thing to show that the other party lied to the Court about directly relevant matters. Bring three copies of the documents with you to Court, one for you to look at, one for the Judge to look at, and one for your ex to look at while you ask him what the documents are and what they show.

If it is the support hearing coming up, then these documents will be directly relevant. If the support has already been set and you got the documents after the fact, then you may want to consider filing a Request for Order to Set Aside the incorrect order. Impeaching a witness with documents that directly show they lied is the sort of thing that experienced Family Law Attorney regularly do, so you should consider hiring an attorney to help you with the hearing. Good luck.

As stated above -- I have NOT actually stated any legal opinion, because I need to know more before I can start to form one.


Yes, you can "discredit" him in court with the evidence you have. I recommend you hire an attorney to help you as there are certain rules on trying to get evidence admitted and deadlines.

Answering this question does not create an attorney-client relationship between us. The answer given is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for contacting an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction and obtaining legal advice from such an attorney. If further assistance is needed please feel free to contact me and retain my services.


I agree with one of the responders. While it is important to show that a party is not being honest, the more important issue is why are you raising this issue. Support is usually a big issue in divorce. For that matter, if you can prove that your former spouse actually had monies available which could have been used for support, or more importantly came from community property assets, you can ask the court for reimbursement to the community, or you can ask that the court use those funds as income for support purposes. However, in the big picture, if it is for support purposes, you need to show that it was income and not just from a mere savings account. I would hire an attorney to help you going forward. Discovering income can be a very difficult process.

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