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Ex is not following supervised visitaion court orders

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i have supervised visitations with my child, i have schedule visits with my child through a professional supervisor for the last 4 weeks or so , mother has every excuse not to meet with the professional and its the second visition moniter in over 4 weeks.... what do i file in court do i file a exparte that the mother is not compling with orders or do i file a osc contempt. what do i do.HELP

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Better to file a Request For Orders to modify the order. If you file for contempt, then it may stay the whole visitation process.


I agree that you should file a Request For Order (RFO) this can take 30-45 days or You can file an Ex-parte and seek an order shortening time. You must show imminent harm for an ex-parte to be granted. If the court denies because you do not make a showing of imminent harm, then if the court grants your shortening time, you may get to have a hearing in a shorter period of time. Hire an attorney or go to you local family law court house and seek the assistance of the self help center. Good Luck.

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