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Ex-husband hasn't paid court-ordered alimony in a year. How do I find him and his assets? We are in California.

Valley Center, CA |

This guy is flying under the radar intentionally. He has moved and left no forward. He probably moved assets into his new wife's name. No job listed as he's probably working for new wife for cash. If I find his accounts, he'll move them again. How can I enforce the court ordered alimony without giving him advance warning to hide the money, bank accounts, and other assets? Can you serve papers when you can't serve them in person? What recourse is there when someone is hiding out and can't be found? I cannot afford a private investigator and I'm unable to work due to physical limitations. I am living off charity because he's hiding. I heard he recently filed bankruptcy. Does this protect him from his obligation to me?

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Bankruptcy does not discharge court ordered spousal or child support.

I suggest you go to the district attorney's office with your order and let them track him down. He's in contempt of a court order which is a criminal charge. If the DA takes the case, you won't need a lawyer. If not, you'll need a family lawyer for the contempt and a collections lawyer for the money.