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Ex girlfriend filed a PFA claim against me. Her claims were false. The judge granted the order against me. Can I appeal?

Nazareth, PA |

Went to the hearing with file of evidence supporting my innocense as well as witnesses. The judge never allowed any of it to be entered. Her only evidence was a story that never happened.
The judge named her and my daughter (10 mos. old) as victims.
When I received the final order in the mail it stated I was not present at the hearing. Which I was with four witnesses and a bulging folder of evidence.
I did not have an attorney because I could not afford one.
Is there a process that will allow me to get this overturned?
Since I am not able to have contact with my daughter for three years and I still obligated to pay child support?

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Contact a family law/PFA attorney for assistance in appealing the PFA ruling. Time is of the essence. As far as the support is concerned, yes you are still obligated to pay child support.

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I agree with Mr. Rick. You need to move fast as untimely appeals create huge issues and Pennsylvania is very strict regarding this.