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Ex filed 'Notice that action is at issue' & 'Child support guidelines worksheet' but child support has already been ordered

Clearwater, FL |

I am in an ongoing visitation case with my ex (never married). Her lawyer filed 'action at issue' and 'CS guidelines ws' - we have already been to court with the DOR to determine child support before I ever filed petitions for visitation. Is this an attempt to have my CS amount changed? The amount on the CS Guidelines in box 21 is almost $500 more than what I am currently paying. My income has not changed - There is no way I could afford that payment - I have a family to feed.

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The amount of overnights with the children as determined by the court will affect the child support calculations. Contact my office for free consultation 727-446-7659.


There are several factors which may affect your child support obligation, such as any amount you are paying for the child's health insurance (for the child), day care costs, uncovered medical expenses (for the child), health insurance costs for you (which are treated as a deduction of your income), as well as the number of overnights. If any of the above, or your Ex's income has changed, your child support obligation could change as well. Although, there is a caveat. This change must have occurred since the last order awarding support was entered and must be substantial, unforeseen, and involuntary in nature. We usually do not offer free consultations, but I would be willing to make an exception for your case.