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Ex destroyed home, got big insurance check. Now he's claiming I did it. Help!

Tempe, AZ |

Ex broke into home ( 3rd x ) so we moved out . He then destroyed home , filed insurance claim and got $ 100 , 000 . He's charging me with contempt , says I damaged home . Friends / neighbors who helped me move provided affidavits I left the home clean . Court ordered us to split furniture . . I was scared and took myself and kids beds / dressers , desks and 2 couches . In this respect , I did not follow Judge's order . Friends donated kitchen table , coffee maker and an old car . I have an O of P . Can no longer afford attorney , must self represent . Any tips other than be truthful ? What might his atty come up with ? PS I have receipts for couch , TV , dishes , rug , coffee table I purchased . Also have police reports of his break - ins . Any tips ?

Thank you thank you for your insight

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I'm not in Arizona but I don't know how your ex can charge you with contempt. That has to come from the court, not a party. A Motion may be allowed asking the Court to find you in contempt of an Order but you are charged and adjudicated by the court, not your ex. The police reports, your testimony and the help of your friends as witnesses should be enough.

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