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Ex-boyfriend threatens to make my nude pictures public

San Marino, CA |

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend and he doesn't want to accept it. One time we were video chatting by the Internet and he took snapshots of me, nude, without I knowing or consenting. Now, he is threatening to make them public or distribute them, I guess, probably through Internet. I don't know what to do. If it helps, I'm seventeen, however I'm not a US citizen neither is he and we were in Norway at the time. I think the laws shouldn't be very different, though...

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Sorry but you need to ask a lawyer licensed in Norway to see what laws apply there. The 50 states here don't even have the same laws. In CA, this would implicate child pornography and other criminal laws, as well as civil privacy laws.

As for your nude video chatting, presumably now you know better.

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