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Evicting my stepdaughter out the house.

Houston, TX |

I have a problem with my step daughter and her husband, He has assaulted me and my step son, I don't want him to come inside the house anymore, but the officer told me that as long as she lives in my house and invites him into the house he can come in anytime he wants since they are married, I need to evict her out of the house to prevent him from coming in anymore, she does not pay rent, no contract, no nothing. So I've called the local court office and they really couldn't help me, told me I need to get legal advice. What should I do? I want her out asap.

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I am assuming you have asked her to leave and she has refused. I am also assuming her father is in agreement with you, or if not, that he is not the co-owner of the home with you.

You can file for an eviction in the Justice Court in the precinct where the home is located. Considering the issues involved, you should seriously consider hiring an attorney to assist you, but if you wish to do it yourself, the Justice Court should have forms for you to use.

You will need to give your step-daughter a Notice to Vacate and give her 3 days to leave before filing suit. When the trial is set, you will need to bring proof that between the two of you, you have the right to possession of the property, not her.

Good luck.

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