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Evicting a roommate

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My brother and myself have lived in a townhouse for three years now. Last summer, a high school friend of mine took a cross country trip here and decided to stay. We let him move in with us and sign onto the lease agreement (even though our property management company is month-to-month). Since then, he's proven himself to be quite a disrespectful roommate. He's late on rent and doesn't pay bills evenly. My brother and I feel that it's time for him to find new living arrangements. If our talk with him plays out like I think it will and he decides he doesn't want to move along, is there any legal action we can take to make him leave? Since it's 2 against 1 can we just tell him to leave in 30 days? I don't want this to get ugly but I have a feeling it just might. Thank you in advance.

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If he's on a legal sublease, with you as landlords, then maybe.

If he's leasing directly from the property management, then you're likely in no better position to evict him than he is to evict you. That's the risk of getting a co-tenant to sign on. Landlords could, but rarely intervene in such disputes, especially while the rent is still coming in.

If he's not paying his share of rent, bills, fees, or damages you can always take him to small claims court to collect.

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I agree with Mr. Mauger -

If a roomate is on a lease directly with the property management, then the other roommates have no ability to terminate his lease or evict him - only a landlord can do those things.

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