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Event promotion - do i need to incorporate a company or can I do it under my name? What are pro and cons.

Milwaukee, WI |

I am planning to promote a one time event. It is a cultural event that has entertainment and food. Do I need to incorporate as a company? Can I (as an individual) get into contract with the vendor and venues, or do I need to do it in the name of a company? What are the benefits and disadvantages if I incorporate as a company.

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If you incorporate, such as a single-member LLC, you can avoid personal liability if anything goes wrong. You are free to contract with vendors, but if you do so and things go wrong you will be personally liable to them and, perhaps, any people that might be injured. Speak to a business attorney. It may cost a little money but if something goes wrong it could cost you a whole lot more. Good luck!


I agree with attorney Zales' answer and would recommend that you form a single member LLC. You should also remember to obtain enough liability insurance for the event as any entity will only protect you from the negligence of your employees or independent contractors. An entity will not protect you from your own negligence.

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