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Ethics and Objectives and Remand

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I hired an attorney and signed an agreement for a PA state court case. My main objective was to have something specific on the books for workers' rights in PA. My case was removed to federal court. My lawyers have refused to follow my objectives and give me a remand. I have already contacted the bar. The bar representative actually took what I stated seriously and seemed anxious to get the complaint. The lawyer is now trying to call this a "tactic" and stating he will remove himself from the case. Does an attorney have to follow what venue was in the contract, client objectives and give a remand ethically? (Yes, I am calling every other law firm in their town but I have no takers yet because my case was contingent) It will prejudice my case if they remove themselves. Any advice is welcome.

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If your case was removed to federal court by the defendant, then it is because there is federal jurisdiction. Your attorney could file a motion to try to get it sent back to state court but the ultimate decision rests with the Judge not the attorney.

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