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Is there a board in Ohio, that over see the conduct of a law firms;
to see to it that they stay in line with due process and fairness.

Defendants are using the same law firm
That once represented me on a similar matter. In California
this would be prohibited. The loyalty of a former client stretches
even when the client ends its relationship with the firm.

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In each state the ethical conduct of its attorneys is governed by rules set out by the states' respective Bar associations. You may find the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct here:

If, after reviewing those rules, you believe your attorney has violated them in some way, you may find information on the ethical complaint process on the Ohio State Bar Association's website, here:

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You might want to contact the Ohio Bar Association.


You should contact an ethics attorney and/or read the Rules of Professional Conduct, which is posted on the website of the Ohio Supreme Court.

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