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Ethical or unethical? Natural mother of 2 children hosp for mental eval and was coerced into signing temp custody over to father

Jackson, MS |

She was verbally physically and mentally abused he took there child she took an overdose. Was hospitalized for psych eval and State social worker and fathers of both children came and had her sign a temporary custody order claiming that was the only way to see her kids. Now The abusive father and new girl friend harass and bully her about seeing or not seeing her son. Texts calls etc. She isn't unstable at the time of overdose she was several depressed as she had just been abused and son taken. What legal rights does she have of getting them back? Are these papers legal as she was under Physician care?

Come to find newly discovered information the DHS dropped case and can not seem to locate papers. She still isn't able to see her son and threats and calls of which are recorded have been recorded and attempt to press charges and the two counties are in together will not prosecute. All about who you know and what you know. Every attorney she contacts says he can not represent her and now she has legal aid and he won't meet with he just send me what you have.

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She needs to sit down with an attorney and go over what she signed. Only then can a plan be put together to protect her rights and get her son back.

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