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Establishing Strong Ties With Homeland To Obtain F1 Visa

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Recently, I have been denied a student visa four times. Admittedly, it was a mistake on my part because I kept reapplying within days. I was denied a visa on June 3rd, June 5th, June 30th, and July 7th. The reasoning behind each denial was the same: My circumstances needed to change. I was briefly unemployed when I applied each time. I resigned from my position as relations manager to pursue a bachelor's degree in business administration in the US. Now, I am employed as office manager for a petroleum company. Prior to this, I was relations manager for a construction company for five years, and an accountant for a motors company for three years. I also own a rental house that is on a two-year lease. Will it be safe for me to reapply for a student visa in November for the spring semester?

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With four denials you will need to convince the Officer why this degree is needed for your career plans in your home country. Having a job is good but the Officer must believe you aren't just doing this to find a way to the U.S. and then stay and that you truly have an intent to return.

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I am inheriting a construction company from my father. This is the same construction company that I worked for for five years as relations manager. I also plan to start my own business in my home country.

Lynne Rogers Feldman

Lynne Rogers Feldman


That is what you heed to bring out in your interview for the visa that these ducation skills are necessary to do your job well at the construction company..


You can reapply but I strongly recommend consulting an attorney. You need to provide lots of evidence that you will return to your home country.

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