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Errors in divorce papers that were served

Las Vegas, NV |

If my husband served me divirce and custody papers and he has errors on the papers he served such as date we were married and how long I have been a resident in nevada . can i get these papers dismissed and have him revise them and have to have them re served.

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It is not worth doing that. You need to file an Answer and Counterclaim within 20 days of being served. He only has to state a claim in the complaint. The accuracy of that information will be binding in a Divorce Decree.

In your counterclaim, state the correct information.



I see your close to were I live. Do you do payment plans or anything like that or know of a lawyer that does so I can get councel?

Joseph W. Riccio

Joseph W. Riccio


I do. You can call my office and set up an appointment to meet with me. I recommend if anything, you do something if you were served paperwork


No, you cannot move to dismiss the papers. They are simply his version of the facts, and what he wants. You must file an Answer, wherein you either admit or deny his facts and requests. If you also wish to be divorced, you should also file a counterclaim and state your version of the facts along with your requests. Wasting time and energy on the little stuff is simply not worth it. Focus on getting the divorce itself done. You should at least consult with an attorney, as there are many pitfalls in this process.

Responses are for general information purposes only, and are based on the extremely limited facts given. A consultation with an attorney experienced in the area of law(s) indicated in the question is highly recommended. Information and advice given here should not be relied upon for any final action or decision, as the information is limited by its nature to the question asked and the fact(s) presented in that question. THIS RESPONSE DOES NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY/CLIENT RELATIONSHIP, particularly considering that the names of the parties are unknown.


I'll be more blunt than the others: what possible point would there be to that, other than to run up his legal fees.

Get a lawyer and get done with this; the type of fight you're trying to start just makes things more expensive for all parties.


When you file your Answer, you can admit or deny his allegations, including admitting you were married, but denying the date of marriage, for example. You can dismiss the Complaint.

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