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Entity and agent address for an LLC

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1 . Can we use a virtual mailing address for the entity and Agent Address under the Articles of Organization when forming an LLC in California ? 2 . Aside from hiring third party registered agents , what can we use if the virtual mailing address is not allowed in order to keep our privacy ? Thank you .

For clarification: I only meant for our company's address. Also, can we use an address from Earth Class Mail or other similar companies?

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No, you must use a street address for the company's principal place of business. This is shown in box 3 a. You cannot use a P.O. Box address. The mailing address in 3 b can be a post office box. Principal place of business is different from the agent from the agent for service of process, which can be a registered agent.


Mr. DeWitt gives the accurate answer. Many clients use the address of the attorney who normally also serves as the agent for service of process.

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If "virtual mailing address" means a virtual office that has a street address (Regus, UPS Store, etc), rather than a PO Box, then yes, you can use that as your LLC's address.

As concerns the agent for service of process, you just have to choose an individual or entity as the agent - the street address of the agent (if not a corporation) flows directly from that choice.

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