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I would like to know how to sell the license to my script or movie?

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Start pitching it to agents who specialize in screenplays, mostly being in H'wood. Clearly mark the script as "Copyright 2013 Joe Blow." REGISTER it by sending a PDF to Spend the 35 bucks.

If you sell it, be darned sure to get a CA entertainment lawyer to vet the proposed contract BEFORE signing.

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Step 1 is to protect your script,. Step 2 is to find an entertainment attorney or agent to submit or "shop" your script to potential buyers/licensors. You need to start by consulting with an entertainment attorney who can do both.

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You need to protect your rights in the script by getting it copyrighted in your name. You can do this directly through the copyright office, and supplement your protections by joining the writers guild or other trade organization and registering your script with them. Look at and look under writers resources and creative rights. Then you can find an agent or attorney to shop your script.

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Marc Jacobson

Marc Jacobson


I think the WGA is a great organization. Registering a script with them only proves the script existed on a particular day. Registering the script with the copyright office does that, and also provides the keys to the courthouse in the event of infringement. Not sure what value the WGA registration adds if the work is filed in the copyright office. Admittedly, WGA on line registration is only $10, but still, why? And unless the attorney routinely shops scripts, don't bother using an attorney to do this. I know how hard it is to find an agent, but agent's business, day in and day out, is pitching scripts, and knowing what the buyers want. Attorneys generally don't do that.


Step one is to read a few books that answer your question. Visit the link below.

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...And, if you've worked with any co-writers or editors, make sure to have proper written contracts in place. Agreements dealing with copyrights must be in writing to be enforceable. Oral agreements don't mean much in copyright law.

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