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Enter your question here. e.g., Do I need a real estate how will a llc protect my assets in the event of a divorce attorney?

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If you are in a community property state, there is little if anything you can do at this stage to further protect your assets. LLC's and corporate structures are intended to protect you from liability exposure to third parties and to allow for advantageous tax planning, not to protect your assets from your spouse in event of divorce. In the future, if you remarry, a prenuptial agreement or even a post-nuptial agreement in jurisdictions that permit one, is the best way to protect yourself and your spouse in the event of separation or divorce.


I agree with the prior answer. NJ is an equitable distribution state which means divisions are done as the court (not you) consider fair and equitable. Buisnesses which come into existence while the marriage is still in existence are considered marital assets subject to distribution. As already posted having a LLC has nothing to do with whether or not the business is subject to a divorce distribution. Other financial issues include alimony, child support and the maintenance of marital assets during the pre divorce period. If you are considering a divorce, and if you have mutual real estate and mutual children you should be discussing your options with an experienced family lawyer.

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