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Enter US at fiance visa got marry into 90 days but apply for AOS after 1 year now i am planning to coming back after visit

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my sick mother can i enter US with my comba card


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This is a very delicate situation, and of course, you need to contact an immigration attorney that can help you with any and all issues that may come up. Most attorneys offer free consultations, whether they be via phone or Skype—and that’s something you would definitely benefit from. This is a very unique situation, and only through the studying of all the issues, could then an immigration attorney give you a more calculated answer. I think you are planning on "coming back" to the U.S. but, how are you planning on coming back? You married within the 90 days allowed by the K-1 Visa, but then you left, and are planning on coming back. You may have to have your wife petition you, and go through the consular process, or you may be able to avoid that through a visit to the appropriate consulate/embassy.

Good luck!

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Your question is not clear. Try again giving more detail. No need to use shorthand.

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This is confusing. So you filed for AOS and then left the US? Did you get an Advance Parole? What else haven't you told us?

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