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Employment verification letter to include with I864?

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I am a US citizen. My wife and I submitted family based AOS. We recently asked a family member to fill out an I864 and give us copies of his tax return, W2 and passport so that in case there's a problem with my I864, we'll have another one to turn over.

I am already not too confortable to have asked for all that but now I just read that in case we need a joint sponsor, USCIS can request a letter of employment from them. Is that true? Can't copies of paystubs be sufficient evidence of employment?

Thanks for your help!

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Attorney answers 2


Copies of current paycheck stubs could suffice, if you take the most recent ones to the interview. All that CIS is concerned about, is whether the co-sponsor is currently employed.


In our representation of clients we go into any situation over prepared. Therefore I would suggest you take a job letter that outlines the sponsor's position, number of hours worked a week, hourly wage or annual salary and that they are still working for the company. The sponsor can put this in a sealed envelope if your are worried about privacy. We take this job letter along with paystubs, last years tax return and w-2.

This may sound like overkill but we don't get any denials for being underprepared.

Good Luck!