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Employment section of the N400 citizenship application

Paterson, NJ |

I have a small hobby that I do like posting blogs and videos online, I usually make a small amount of money every month doing this, should I list this hobby as self employment on the N400 application? If I need too, what should I under employer name and address? since their is none.

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If you are getting paid from multiple individuals or businesses, then you are self employed. You can list your home address/phone number since that's where you work from.

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If you are earning income from this and reporting it on your taxes then it should be disclosed on the N-400. You can list it as self-employment.


I agree with the answers provided by the attorneys here.

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I also agree with my colleagues that you should mention this information under the employment category and list yourself as self-employed. Be sure that you have listed this income on your personal income taxes as well.

There is a question on the N-400 regarding have you paid your taxes, etc. Make sure you are complying with the requirements noted in that question on the N-400, before you file the form with USCIS.

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