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Employment laws in PA possible wrongful termination for trying to organize a union

Irwin, PA |

i believe I was wrongfully terminated from my job for retaliation of trying to organize a union.
There are mutiple thingsI need to discuss including hostile work enviroment due to graphic sexual comments about the female person by a co worker on my shift. harrasment from my bosss since day 1.

On August 9, 2008 approximately 21:30 I was asked to been. seen in Mr. Price’s office after I had completed dinner. I went to his office with Mr. Lee MCclinton which was called upon for a separate incident. I was present for their discussion Mr.McClinton returned downstairs.
Mr. Price question a call I responded to the morning of Aug 2 approximately 04:40 am for a domestic dispute off of Buttermilk hollow road. I asked him what he wanted to know. He asked if I could start from the beginning. I explained to him I was about to cross over Laurel onto Buttermilk road in the ambulance with Mr. McClintion when officer Carson stop us and asked me if I had any identification on. I responded no. he said the assault involved my brother. I called onto scene and started to get out of my ambulance and was placing gloves onto my hands when I was approached by Officer Steincough and his Lieutenant (unknown name). Lieutenant asked if I had another truck available to assist with transportation that he didn’t feel I should be involved due to conflict of interest. My dispatch was contacted for a EMT assist. Pt contact was made by Paramedic McClinton. I asked Mr. Price if there was a problem he proceed to say my crews were unhappy with me and not only that he couldn’t understand why I didn’t do my job. I said the police requested that I didn’t he responded that I was supposed to be a professional and that I abandon my patient. Who are the police when comes to my job? Mr Price also brought up the multiple times I had left work in the past to attend to family matters. He claimed that I never deducted time from my time card or never asked to leave. That I abandon my post. That there was common dominator. There was no room for this at Rescue 8 and that I was terminated. .Mr. Price request to be a mutual agreement between us and I said I didn’t agree you just fired me. My shift was ended at 22:02/

I went to North Huntingdon PD to speak with the officer’s on the call to explained to them I was terminated from my position with Rescue 8. None of them on duty left note with dispatcher (KIM) to have one of them contact me when they can.

Aug 10

Next day I went to Sheetz and ran into 2 of my co worker’s. I was asked by Mrs. Doran why did I quit. I was shock and said I didn’t quit I was fired. I briefly explained what happen. One thing I requested from her was to let everyone know I didn’t quit.

Aug 11

Officer Carson made contact with me on a recorded line @ 18:28 from the police department. Officer Carson had permission from his Lieutenant to discuss the events leading to my termination. Refer to recorded record.

Any advice will be appreciated
Leanne Guercio

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Pennsylvania is an employment at will state, so you can be terminated for any reason except for discrimination and also there are protections when exercising your rights to form a union. The information that you provided does clearly indicate that you were discriminated agaisnt or were fired for retailition for union activity. But, if the employer's actions were merely pretext because of your union activity then there may be rights that were violated. You are welcome to call my office to discuss this matter further. 412-788-7560.


If you are an at-will employee, you can be fired for any reason or no reason, except unlawful discrimination.
If you do not have an employment contract your recourse is limited. With the union on your side maybe there is help.

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No one can know what the personel file record is in the matter because online we cannot find out any details. If you have a discrimination theory about hostile workplace conditions or that retaliation due to your union was the cause of your firing you'll need a lawyer. Check with a lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details.

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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