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Employment Law- Myemployer keeps stating that i am not fired/laid off after workers compensation settlement

Chatsworth, CA |

EDD(unemployment) has official started paying benefits. I have been released to work with restrictions which they claim they can not accomodate I have physical evidence stating otherwise.I have filed with DFEH and EEOC waiting on EEOC. What steps should I take next ? I know I need a lawyer . Any recommendations would greatly appreciated. Input to. =)

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I would recommend you call:
Nathan Goldberg
(323) 302-4774 if he can't help you, he can point you in the right direction.
Good luck and tell him I said hello.

Russell Keener


I believe this is a duplicate from 5 minutes prior.

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Odds are, you will get the "Right To Sue" letters from both EEOC and DFEH ... just because those agencies take the claims with issues they find 'sexy' and workers unable to return to the job after a work injury confuses those agencies. But, in a nutshell, you wait for those agencies to tell you the government will NOT be prosecuting any claim on your behalf, giving you the 'right to sue' and you look for counsel well-versed in Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) violations... check with the LA Bar Association for a referral for an ADA specialist.

IF YOUR PROOF is a clear as you state here, any ADA Lawyer should be super excited to take you on a contingency basis ... if the 'accomodation' you need is reasonable, and the employer just refused to make a reasonable effort and had a position it could reasonable accomodate for you, an ADA lawyer will be happy to see you.