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Employment discrimination and I am pregnant.

Alexandria, VA |

I am being framed for a check that came up missing under my name I was logged onto. I have never had any cash handling issues prior to. The store manager is trying to fire me or have me quit. I went above her head to her district manager on several occasions after her and our conversation got nowhere. I also contacted corporate as well. My hours got cut back from full time to part time. I am being written up from clocking in late at 8:12 am on 11/1/13 when in fact I switched with a co-worker and took his shift from 6:30 am. Ayana whom presented it to me signed off on the switch 10/30/13. I am being discriminated against being pregnant as well. I was denied a lunch, was told to finish my work before I could take my lunch and that I needed a doctors note to use the bathroom. I am stressed.

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You will need to see an attorney who can sit down with you and go through the facts in detail. What you will need to show is that the reason your employer is putting forth for firing you is what lawyers call "pretext," that is, your employer is making up a reason for firing you when what it really fired you because you are pregnant. Just based on what you shared here, it sounds like pregnancy discrimination is your best angle. For the federal pregnancy discrimination act to apply, your employer must have at least 15 employees. See If it has less, you can still file with the Alexandria Office of Human Rights, but not for money damages. I suggest Avvo or to find an attorney who can speak to you about your case. Sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Unfortunately, it is all too common. I wish you the best of luck

Note that this is not legal advice and this does not establish an attorney client relationship. You should review your issue with an attorney for the best possible answer to your question.


You have presented a number of facts, which may or may not be related to your pregnancy. Some of the information is difficult to follow because we don't really know when the events occurred in relation to your pregnancy. You really should discuss your matter with a local employment attorney, who can advise you after hearing all of the facts. Good luck.


As another attorney has already said, your employer nitpicking on you for every slight, might be a pre-text for discrimination; did the store manager engage in the behavior prior to your pregnancy? If no, you might have a claim for discrimination. You can contact my office if you want to discuss this some more.