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Employment disability discrimination

Dothan, AL |

I have worked at a company for 12 years, the last 2 of which I was promoted to 'team-lead' (low-level boss-type position). I was encouraged to attend a 3-day business meeting. I informed my boss and several people that I have Aspberger's Sydnrome (a condition which causes social dysfunction). I work at home, and so this condition does not affect my work in that regard. I was assured that it would be alright, they understood, and to come anyway. Apparently I did several social gaffs and inappropriate behavior. When I returned from the meeting, I was immediately called by my boss and fired from my team-lead position 'due to my behavior at the meeting' (not based on my previous 2 years of team-lead duties). I still work for the company at a low-level entry position. This seems like discrimination to me, due to my Aspberger's Syndrome disability. My husband thinks I would be wasting my time, since this is a large company and can afford a good lawyer, and they would just lie anyway. What advice could you give me? Thank you!

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