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Employment contract with 30 day writtin notice of termination with or without cause.

Chicago, IL |

30 day verbal notice was given with a wittness present. The next day the terminated employee told a fellow employee he was given his 30 day termination notice. Two weeks into the 30days he was given the next two weeks off with pay to look for a job. he receives his last check and states we was not given a 30 day written notice of termination and wants another 30days pay. I have written statesments from the two wittnesses he was given 30days verbal notice and the other stating the terminated employee stating he was given termination.

When I gave him his last check I gave him a letter stating. On such date you were given a 30 day verbal notice of termination. And after two weeks you were given approximately two weeks off with pay to finds a job, and here is your last check you have been paid in full for your services. Am I required to give him another 30 days pay because the 30 days termination was not written.

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