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Employment based and Family based Green Card I-485 pending. Employment based application now approved.

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I had an employment based green card application pending since August 2007, the i-140 was approved in 2009. In Aug 2012, I married a us citizen, filed for a new i-485 in November . We had a successful interview in February but the officer said he could not approve right away, because of the pending Employment based application. 4 weeks after the interview, we received a letter saying our my file was transferred to the employment based file office to speed the process. On April 1st , the employment based Green Card was approved for 10 years, I received the card last Saturday April 6th. Now what will happen to the family base application? What do i have to do again? Online status check of the family based i-485 and i-130 read Initial review. Thank you

Thanks All for your answers. One more questions. Please tell me, can i apply for Citizenship three years from April 1st 2013 because i am married to a us citizen or i have to wait 5 years because my Green card is employment based? Please note we are married in August 2012 live together, have 1 child and i became LPR on April 1st 2013. Thanks

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It appears that, based on your information, you are now a Lawful Permanent Resident, and you are in possession of a green card that is valid for 10 years. Congratulations!

USCIS will not grant permanent resident status to a person who already has permanent resident status. Although it is not clear exactly what USCIS will do with your family-based I-485, they might deny it based simply on the fact that you are already a permanent resident.

USCIS should issue a decision (approval or denial) of the pending I-130 Petition, based on the evidence they have.

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Because you have received your greencard based upon employment, issuance of Green-card based o family based petition should be dismissed as moot.

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Now what will happen to the family base application?
It will be cancelled, as you are already a permanent resident.

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You are a permanent resident based upon the Employment Based petition. The I-130 should be approved if there is a bona-fide good-faith marriage. The second I-485 will probably be denied if you have already adjusted status.

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