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Employment Authorization Card Renewal

Philadelphia, PA |

I lost my EAD a couple of months ago. Now it's time to renew it. The instructions on I-765 state, that I have to send my old card back along with the application for the renewal. Since I don't have the old card, is it going to be a problem?

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It should not be a problem. If you have a copy of the card, include it. Otherwise, just explain that it is lost.

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It will not be a problem. If you have a copy of your card, include that. If not, then include the approval notification you received.

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Should not be a problem. Hopefully you kept a copy of your EAD: that's what USCIS wants you to include when filing for extension. If don't have a copy, then just include the copy of the Form I-797 Notice of Action Approval Notice of the Form I-765 through which you filed for your EAD.

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Just submit either a copy of it or at least a copy of the 765 approval notice.