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Employment at will means there are no employment contracts in Florida ?

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My wife was offered a position with benefits after finishing school and we are relocating to South Florida from Orlando for her job. She signed a Letter of Intentions that state the compensation in a very bullet point way and mentions that benefits will come along after 90 days probationary period. After waiting for the drafted contract, we are told that there is no contract because Florida is an Employment at will state. Is this true, there aren't employment contracts that specify the length, compensation, benefits etc ?????? This is ridiculous....Thank you in advance .

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Employment at will, meaning that there is no contract: an employer can fire you any time, or you can quit any time. However, an employer cannot fire you for an illegal reason (ex. discrimination). There are employment contracts, if both parties chose to accept them...

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There are employment contracts in Florida both express (by agreement) and implied, which is when certain elements are present. Express contracts are rare, and implied contracts are even rarer. If you want to know exactly what your paperwork means, have it reviewed by a Florida employment lawyer. Employee rights in Florida are extremely limited. It is also a right to work state, which means that unions have very little power.

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Employment contracts can and do exist in Florida, albeit rare. Even most contracts allow for termination following notice. I often see employees relocating without knowing that the job offer may not be there when they relocate or taken away very shortly after the relocation. You will need to weigh your options with the understanding there will be no guaranteed period of employment.


As noted by the other attorneys, employment contracts are rare. Sometimes a position may be covered under a collective bargaining agreement, but other than that Florida is an at will employment state and thus the employer is not required to offer a contract.

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