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Employer sharing personal medical information with coworkers

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I suffered an injury - not job related to my knowledge - and saw a doctor who told me I would be unable to work for approximately a week - mostly due to medications I would need to take to reduce pain. I relayed this information to my supervisor so that he knew I would not be in the office and why. I expected this information shared would be confidential. Instead he apparently felt it necessary to respond to be but copy 2 co-workers and his manager. As if that was not bad enough I was informed that the following day at a staff meeting the manager who was CC'd asked about it in front of even more co-workers by saying "I hear (name) is out on pain killers?". I feel this severely breached my confidentiality. I have contacted HR but am afraid of retaliation. What can I do?Please site specifics

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certain medical information is treated as highly confidential. This does not really sound like it falls under that catagory. (Generally limited to HIV related info). If your supervisor was cc'ing other employees who needed to know, such as his manager and some sort of attendance tracking assistant, there may be a legitimate reason to share that information. Sharing medical information with a larger group might be more problematic, especially if there was no reason to do so. You should not be afraid of retaliation for contacting HR. That is their job. Retaliation is illegal. You may not have a case right now but you certainly might if you were retaliated against. Talk to HR.


I agree with the wise observation of Mr. Swedlow. Retaliation is illegal. Do not fear it. Get an attorney to keep your employer with the proper perspective.

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Good luck to you.

God bless. I am in Chicago and do not practice in WA.

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I also agree with the wise observation of Mr. Swedlow.

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