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Employer pressing charges for gross misconduct. how long does it take?

San Antonio, TX |

They fired me for fraudulent returns, they questioned me and tried to get what could out of me, but after it was done, they said they were pressing charges and would issue a warrant out for my arrest. My question is how long does the process take, when should I expect to be arrested. Yes, I did admit to a couple of their accusations but denied everything else. When the Loss Prevention Market Manager had me write a statement, all I wrote was that I made a mistake. That's it. He got upset and said it wasn't much help.

I also did find out that there is an on-going investigation with what is going on. and now corporate is involved.

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Criminal charges generally will take less than three months. Fraud requires proof of you intentionally engaging in the conduct. A mistake may prevent prosecution. I suggest that you cease any further communications with the Loss Prevention Manager and by no means no communication whatsoever with law enforcement, detectives or investigator. Invoke your right to remain silent. That means under the recent Supreme Court case, you must not say anything. Have money to pay a bond in cash readily available so that a friend could use to go in your home and retrieve for purposes of bond ing you out off jail. Hire an attorney.