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Employer fails to complete 40 hours/week as agreed in employment contract. What legal actions can the employees make?

Philadelphia, PA |

We are under contract for 2 years as a full time employee, working as registered nurses. There are 7 of us who lacks hours every work week. It has been like that for 3-4 weeks now. We are wondering what we can do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The contract states that we are not allowed to work for other facilities/agencies. It also states that we need to pay liquidated damages if choose to leave/resign.

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Any diligent lawyer would have to see the contract in order to properly advise you.


In pa an employer has no general obligation to provide employmnent of any duration, it is an at will state. A contract can sometimes modify that rule of thimb but the language of the contract would need to be carefully read ro see if it qualifies. In the event that there is indeed a breach, the contract may also provide they only means of redress, sometimes it is an arbitration provision. Have an attorney review the contract

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Your remedy would depend on your contract, but it would seem without reading it (and it would be necessary to read it to give you legal advice) that you could sue for contractual breach and get lost wages.



Thank you for your reply atty. Sweeney. I'm wondering, how much do you charge when you review a contract?