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Employer advertising jobs I can do with my restrictions, and won't offer me after workers comp NV

Carson City, NV |

They have posted 2 positions I can do with my restrictions and will not offer me anything. I am still an employee and still getting my health benefits. They sent me for vocational rehabilitation training, why would they do that if they have employment I can do?? HR will not answer anything I ask they are just ignoring me? They won't even answer how long I will have health insurance for. It's been 6 months since I worked.

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There are variety of reasons why they may not offer you a position. One could be that they don't want you to enter yourself further.

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John M Connell

John M Connell


Sorry. That should say injure. It is not uncommon for the employer to look for reasons to terminate an employee as well. Your situation would depend entirely on your relationship with the employer hand whether they want you back. They haven't communicated with you probably is not a good sign


I would apply for SSDI benefits if you are not working. If Nevada is an employment at will state, they don't have to put you in that position. You should definitely get a workers' compensation attorney to address your concerns.


Contact a local lawyer who is knowledgeable about Nevada work comp law. There may not be a requirement that they shift you to a different job- if it is a promotion, for example. If you are getting your work comp benefits, they are likely within their rights, but you need an attorney on your side to be sure.

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