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Emotionally unstable ex wife keeps trying to contact me. Is there legal any issue with just ignoring ?

Dallas, TX |

2+ year marriage ended in divorce in Jul 2011. No kids or real property involved to settle. I just wanted to get it over with and didnt want her to drag it long. So I did provide her financial compensation outside of court and in return was agreed an uncontested divorce.
Ex has lot of personality disorders, mood swings. After divorce I did try to convey that I do not want to maintain contact or any interaction and her reaction would of be severe resentments and some kind of threats. Its been scary. After 1 year of divorce I started to gradually ignore her and now I have moved state, changed phone # and have stopped responding. But she keeps emailing at times asking to contact her. I do not want respond to her. Can I just ignore them? Is there any legal obligation to respond to it?


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Based on the facts provided you have no obligation to respond to her or have any contact with her.


You do not owe a duty to this woman, and considering her emotional problems, the prudent thing to do is to avoid her and have no contact.

No lawyer-client relationship exists. This answer is intended for discussion purposes only. You must obtain legal advice from your own attorney.


Based on the facts you state, there is no problem with ignoring her and you have no legal obligation to respond.

Good luck.

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