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Emergency Room Negligence by ER doctor? Gave medication which my record shows allergic to and ER Bracelet had red tag "alergies"

Rock Hill, SC |

Past 2 yrs, ive been diagnosed with chronic / active Hep B, liver disease. and MANY complications from both. Constant ER visits for abdomen pain, gal stones, faint, confused,UTI's, etc etc etc. Last nite 4:am, went to ER here in Rock Hill SC. Was seen twice in October, ct scan showed enlarged spleen, my liver enzymes elevated. Blood in Urine. given antibiotic and told to return asap if didnt improve. Last nite, the Dr. was a young guy, VERY RUDE and demeaning. had nurse give me 2 vicodin. After taking them, my roomate told me it has Tylenol in it. Record shows I cant take that, and bracelet says the same but was given it. Nurse came to discharge, had papers giving me antibiotics and vicodin. I asked dr why giving me something with Tylenol. he SCREAMED at me saying, "WHY DID YOU TAKE IT"?

I informed Dr. Im not a pharmacist, and didnt know until roomate told me, vicodin has tylenol. I asked if my blood work showed any elevations for liver enzymes which they always conduct. He stated, "you arent here for your liver, you are hear because of lower pain, and abdomen pain. UTI. nothing to do with your liver"!! He walked out of room. and gave nothing more for pain. He took away the prescript for vicodin and offered no sub. discharge papers say prescript for antibiotics and vicodin. AND state at bottom, "DO NOT take if you have liver disease". Im still hurting, threw up several times, blood still in urine. Not sure what else to do. Called ER to complain. they said I could come back but they cant give info over phone or order a prescript for pain unless I come back in. I told them I didnt want to come back, have another ER Bill for something that should have been done this morning. Head Nurse on phone stated, "I cant give you a free visit". I hung up!

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In medical malpractice you need to have damages which it sounds like you may. I'd suggest you contact a medical malpractice firm in you area or in SC.

Some choices ElrodPope, McWhirter Bellinger on Columbia and McGowan Hood. The consultation should be free. Good luck


I agree. Your case has a need for a more conversational setting than a forum can provide. Contact a local personal injury/medical malpractice attorney for a free evaluation.

I am an Alabama attorney. AVVO does not pay us for our responses. Simply because I responded to your question does not mean I am your attorney. This is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. If you require legal assistance, an in depth discussion of your case is needed as there are many other issues to consider such as defenses, statute of limitations, etc.


You wouldn't have a claim unless the medication caused you a very serious injury over and above your prior medical problems. No injury = no damages. Nothing a court could do for you.

The worst thing in your case is the poor bedside manner. It generates lots of calls to lawyers. But poor bedside manner doesn't cause injuries to a patient.



Sir, I STRONGLY disagree with your interpretation: First and foremost, I do not want a dime from this doctor. All I wanted was to be treated. and I wasnt. You think when I get a bill from the services, I will not have to pay for services not rendered? hardly! Today, Im still not better, Im still in pain, i still have blood in Urine. And i know if i go back to that ER, ill have yet, ANOTHER ER bill sent to me. The doctor ( during our heated conversation) standing at the open door to the room im in stated, "Yes, i know you were seen here and treated 4 times in October!!!!", where as it was "twice"..Humiliating me as though Ive been there many times for pain meds when BOTH TIMES last month I refused the hard narcotics they wanted to give me!!! Forget about the damages that "could have been", let me focus on the fact, they failed to treat me thus, i havent gotten better, not worse, but not better! the stress of wondering if the benadryl will counteract the Tylenol they gave me. DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE what scare that gave me?..The fact the doc wrote me a prescript for Vicodin but felt he would show me who's boss by taking that prescript away and not providing a substitute.. leaving a person in pain and not treating them is not damage enough? maybe not/ maybe so, negligence? ABSOLUTELY!!!


I agree with the other attorneys who have responded. However, you can report the incident to either the State Board of Registration for physicians or to the State Hospital Association. This report may or may not trigger a seperate administrative investigation. Good luck jb

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