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Emergency Motion for Time Sharing

Boca Raton, FL |

My Ex Husband and I share custody with me having approximately 64% of the time. He is responsible for 75% of all out of pocket medical expenses. I had to take my daughter to the doctor today because she was sick. There was a past due bill (over 120 days) for over $300 that he hasn't paid after numerous attempts from the Dr. to collect. He also let the children's health insurance lapse. Any medical bills will now fall on me if they get sick. If the children are with him and they get sick, he wouldn't be able to take them to the Dr. or get care for them. Could this be a cause for an Emergency Motion for temporary full time sharing since he isn't able to care for them financially while they are with him?

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Not in my opinion, no. Emergency Motions are those that address immediate physical harm to the children or allegations regarding the children's removal from the jurisdiction. You would have an action for Contempt against the father if he is ordered to maintain the children's health insurance.


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Definitely not an emergency. I would contact a seasoned family law attorney to assist you with enforcing the final judgment/order governing your case. Judges are really picky about what constitutes an "emergency" and, absent critical medical care being withheld for your daughter, I would not frame the motion as an emergency motion. Good luck.

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