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Effect of DUI or wet reckless on F1 Visa/ OPT/ work visa

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I am an attorney representing a client in a criminal case in which the charge is DUI (California). The offer is for her to plead to a wet reckless - VC 23103 per VC 23103.5 (driving in wilful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property after consuming alcohol). She is here on an F1 student visa . She has permisison for OPT (optional practical training) and intends to apply for a work visa. Could anyone give me an idea about the immigration consequences of a conviction for wet reckless or DUI? To be clear, there were no drugs involved. Just alcohol.

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I would suggest you contact directly one of the immigration attorneys on AVVO who practice in California as she/he would have specific knowledge of the implications of these charges. Under Kentucky v. Padilla standard, I don't believe an AVVO general comment would meet the standard set. (this is what was my suggestion to the local defense bar.

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One of the consequences is that when they apply for a future U.S. visa, they will be referred to a panel physician who will examine whether they have an issue which renders them inadmissible. It would be best to consult with an immigration attorney regarding the full immigration consequences of the charge.

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You should contact an immigration attorney to discuss your specific situation in more detail.

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