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EEOC can't help because the employer has less than 15 employees - is there another agency/commission ... that I can go to?

Cleveland, OH |

When I asked my previous employer to provide the standard tax documents and past due compensation, he responds with convoluted messages delivered with cryptic tones; (he's accused me of submitting time sheets with too many hours or documenting duplicate work - UNTRUE ACCUSATIONS) and he says that therefore, I should simply accept the questionable documents he's recently delivered. I feel that I'm being bullied and I still don't have proper documents or past due compensation.

I have been requesting such things by way of email for over a month. I have received some responses but they never answer direct questions and sometimes include obscure comments or accusations. (Example: I became exasperated and called his cell phone 4 times in a week to request documents and compensation. The calls were not taken - I left messages on his voice mail - no calls were returned. I then receive an email saying he's giving me official notification that I am not authorized to call his cell phone - if I do so again he'll be forced to contact the authorities - and, he closed by stating "Govern yourself". It seems some what comical, yet threatening - and, I still don't have what I need to file tax returns or past due compensation.

Friends told me to go to the EEOC - I looked at their website and discovered that this situation could qualify as "retaliation" - though I dislike the connotations - (I feel that I am simply asking him to act in a responsible manner) - perhaps he is discriminating against me because he sees my requests as retaliation against his actions.

Well - I need, have earned, and deserve certain documents and compensation -- and -- now feel that I also need to protect myself. The EEOC cannot help since the employer has less that 15 employees - any advice? Thanks

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