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Educational neglect? My ex-gf has custody of our 5yo daughter and I have visitation every other weekend.

Kenosha, WI |

I found out through some mutual friends that my daughter missed alot of school this school year and during a time when her mother was in between homes and staying at friends houses, she didn't go to school for 2 monthes strait. I've heard that kindergarden isn't mandatory in WI. Is that true? I believe that school is important especially kindergarden. Does my opinions matter eventhough I dont have 50/50 custody? And is this grounds to go back to court and try for full custody? I want my daughter to have a steady home and a chance at an education. I feel she is being robbed of this by her mother. At this point in the year she should be able to count to 10 or say her abc's and read a few sight words but she cant do any of these things.

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I do not practice in Wisconsin but I suggest that you contact the state education agency to learn if kindergarten is mandatory. If it is mandatory, then the mother is neglecting the child. Although it could lead to more problems, you might consider filing a report with the state child protection agency as it appears that the child does not have stable home. Yes, this all may be grounds to modify the custody order.

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