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Economic Contribution Texas Divorce

Austin, TX |

How does economic contribution work in a texas divorce? Do you have to have some sort of documentation to prove your contribution or is it just by word?

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Economic Contribution is a legal term that identifies an equitable claim once available in Texas to divorcing parties. Unfortunately, Texas Family Code section 3.402 was amended and claims for economic contribution were removed on September 1, 2009.

The Family Code continues to allow for Reimbursement, which is also an equitable claim. Depending on what type of Reimbursement you are claiming, documentation or even expert testimony may be necessary. For instance, if your spouse owns a family business and you claim he or she has been intentionally underpaid, you will need an expert to testify as to the salaries of executives in similar businesses. If you are claiming that you spent separate property money to improve the marital residence, you will need bank statements to trace the funds/expenditures and receipts evidencing the improvements. The burden is on the party claiming the reimbursement to prove it.