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Early release from felony probation

Lawrenceville, GA |

Hello, I have seven years on First Offenders felony probation for a possession of marijuana charge. I was sentenced in February 2011, and Judge Davis was the judge for my case. I have since then paid all my fines and was put on non reporting in June of 2012. I have been employed ever since and now I am currently attending college for an associates degree. I have received good reports at work and always helping out my family at home even more since my father passed last year. My question is how long should I wait to hire an attorney to file a motion to terminate? I also looked on my disposition paper and it didn't list any special condition if that helps. Thanks

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Consult with an Attorney now, so you will know.


It's not too early if Yuit ask me. I typically tell people to wait at least a year after they are put on non-reporting probation.


The answer depends on the judge who will hear and decide the motion. Consult a lawyer with a lot of experience trying cases and arguing motions before that particular judge, and ask her/him your questions.

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If you are getting close to completing your associates degree, now would be the time to file for early termination. You have a good case for it. First, you have complied with all your probation conditions and have not gotten in further trouble in 2 1/2 years. Moreover, beyond mere compliance with probation, you have taken further steps to improve your situation by going to school. Furthermore, you are no longer being actively supervised, so there is no need for you to remain under a sentence. Finally, if you are closing in on the completion of your degree and beginning a job search, you have a particular need to receive your discharge: removing this case from your criminal history for employment purposes. Therefore, if you are about to complete your degree, now is the time to file your motion. Otherwise, wait until you are about to complete your degree or you have served another year of your sentence (in my opinion).


I'm not sure which Judge Davis (Warren or Tom), but I practice before them both frequently. You will be wise to hire a lawyer who has been before them frequently. You can do this now.

Good luck.


My firm and I practice in front of Judge Davis. If the facts are as your present them we would be happy to discuss taking your case.

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