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EAD vs H1B

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I am on H1B in US . I have recently changed by employer from A to B . I have EAD and AOS pending from employer A . Employer B has still not filed AC21 . I need to travel international but due to some reason i do not want to do that on H1B . Can i do it enter US in EAD from employer A and continue working for employer B ? In case i enter US on EAD , IS MY H1B STILL VALID ?

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Unless the EAD specifically states that you are authorized to travel (not all do), the EAD isn't valid for travel.

Talk to Employer B's immigration lawyer.

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If you intend to join your H-1B employer, enter on H-1B. If you wish to port to a new employer upon your entry, you should leave the U.S. after approval of advance parole and enter on this document.

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1. Whether your H1b is valid or not is a factual question. Did you go to your employer B and while filling out I-9 used your EAD or did the Employer B file H1 b for you? If Employer B did not file H1 then the answer is pretty obvious: your H1b is not valid.
2. EAD does not enable you to travel. It allows you to work. Since you have AOS pending, you are eligible to file for travel document.

Your choices are:

1. File for travel document and wait for travel document application to be approved and then travel. If your circumstances are drastic, you can request emergency processing.
2. You can file H1b through new employer and then either wait for it to be approved here first and then travel or request notification of H1b visa to US consulate in home country and then get fresh visa from US consulate and return.

If you have AOS pending, I would suggest you should travel on travel document. I can't remember if traveling on H1b while AOS is pending is considered abandonment of such application or not. You must investigate that fact before taking any action.

Consult an immigration lawyer in person for sure.

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Dwight David Myfelt

Dwight David Myfelt


Traveling on an H-1B while AOS is pending is not a problem. But you have to have a valid H-1B with Employer B to do that. If you are working on the EAD now, I would get the travel documents and use them.