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E1 visa : Can I work to any employer

Washington, DC |

I am currently in US with H1 B Visa. I am waiting for Green card for the last 6 years. Meanwhile I am getting so many offers from other companies. I do not have pending 485.

I can invest in US Business up to 250K.
I was wondering If I move from H1 B to E1, Can I work to any employer?

What will be my path to Green card/Citizenship.


Should I keep waiting for my Green card through my Employer (EB-3).

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You cannot work for just any employer in E-1 status. You can only work for the company that sponsored the E-1. If you leave your current employer you would have to start the permanent residence (PR) process again, so that's a big consideration. It is very difficult to get PR as a self-employed person, unless you have much more to invest, so do consider your options carefully with an immigration lawyer.