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DWI Probation - early interlock removal

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What are the chances of getting the interlock removed halfway through your probation period? I'm on probation for 1st DWI, have completed all classes and current on all fines/fees. Judge stated that a interlock review can be done after 6 months (half of probation). Thoughts on my chances? Do I need to do it through a lawyer or my probation officer?

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Depends on the Judge. Ask you P.O. and see what they say. If there is a possiblity of getting it done without an attorney, the P.O. will tell you that if they like you. Otherwise, call your attorney to see if the conditions of your probation can be modified to remove the interlock. Good Luck.


If you have not had any interlock violations, then there is a good chance the judge will do as s/he said. Ask your probation officer for their opinion, and whether they can make the request. If the probation officer says no, then hire a lawyer for the simple task of approaching the judge and asking for the removal. A lawyer should not charge much for this service.

Gene Raymond Beaty

Gene Raymond Beaty


Its OK to ask the probation officer to be sure they won't oppose or to determine if they want anything done before the interlock is removed, but don't depend on them to do it for you. To get it done, you need to go to the court or get an attorney to go for you, which is a much better plan. Check out more information at


I always recommend hiring an attorney to handle Interlock removal Motions. I have heard of too many clients getting the run around trying to handle legal matters on their own. Of course, if your probation officer supports the removal then you may be able to handle it with their help alone. Go to to look at information on ignition interlock devices.

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