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my 1st offense of dwi got dismissed easily,but i was taken to harris county jail houston tx,so will it be in my record because i am an f1 student and how to clean my record if it gonna be seen by immigration officers .will that record be seen in immigrtion

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You should consult with an immigration attorney. Yes, immigration will more than likely see your record. DWI are not eligible for expungement and that does not apply to immigration cases anyway. The problem is that you may have violated the conditions of your visa. Good luck.

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You can consult with a Texas Criminal Defense lawyer to see if you can seal or expunge your records.


I agree with Mr. Lorenzen. The DUI may affect your right to secure a future visa stamp depending upon the situation. I recommend that you seek advice from a competent and experienced immigraiton attorney.

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Actually, DWIs that are dismissed can be expunged from your record in Texas. I just obtained an agreed order for expunction of one last week. I would suggest that you contact an attorney that does expunctions and get it off of your record as soon as possible.

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